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Smooth and Well Kept Tennis Court Guaranteed 

Based in Melbourne, Dawson's Tennis Courts specializes in services related to the maintenance, repair, sanding and regeneration of synthetic grass surfaces and tennis courts. With over 1000 tennis courts under my belt, I possess the expertise needed to help you restore your court to its former glory. I take great satisfaction in my work and am passionate about delivering optimal results.

Our Services


Rejuvenating a tennis court involves several steps to ensure the court remains in optimal condition. The first step is to clean the court thoroughly, removing any debris, dirt or dust. The next step is to scrape off any higher growth or weeds that may have sprouted on the court surface. Then, powered rotary brooms and custom equipment are used to further clean the court surface and to ensure it is free from any remaining debris or plant matter. Lastly, the court is sprayed with chlorine, which helps to kill off any remaining growth or bacteria that may be present. This process helps to ensure that the court is in good condition and will provide a safe, even playing surface for tennis players.


Sand contributes significantly to the performance of a tennis court by regulating the pace of the game and preventing the splitting of its seams.

Maintenance & Repairs

To ensure that your tennis court looks pristine, we suggest having it serviced every three months. This maintenance service involves removing mold, algae, and weeds, cleaning any debris from the court, adjusting the sand levels by sweeping, and conditioning the surface to keep it in top-notch condition. Grooming the court will also be undertaken to lift the pile so that it always stays perfect.

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What our customers are saying

Lachie's a fabulous worker puts his mind and soul into his work. Our court looks awesome

Jane Williams

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